Thursday, September 7, 2017

Cross Stitch & Patcjwork Prep'

After gridding a large piece pf cream Belfast 32 count  linen for a planned project, I decided 2.5 inches around the edge of the design,  was a tad lean.  I started to remove the gridding and decided
at least it is part prepared for another  project.

Other preparation, this one for a TSS block with half square triangles, stitched, ready to be cut.

                                                  Cut and  trimmed ready for construction.

                                           Now to construct this into another six inch block.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

One Day Wonder August Challenge.

This month it was my turn to chose the theme for the ODW challenge.  The choice was to stitch something from any childhood story book or, nursery rhyme. I felt that gave an extremely wide choice for those participating. This is my August ODW piece.  It is the Queen of Hearts, from Lewis Carroll's,  "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." Of course folk, who know the story, will remember  her as a vile  tempered monarch, who dispensed the death penalty for the least innocuous offence. Thus she was referred to as, "The Black Hearted Queen." Enjoy, K.

Oh! I'm glad this post is sitting in my drafts. I've just looked at this photograph and realized this is from earlier in the month, when I completed the stitching.   I've been looking for just the right fabric to complete this into a small pillow.  Needless to say, I haven't found the fabric to suit. 
Here are  the updated photos, still not made into the aforementioned pillow.

 I do need to thank another very kind stitcher for fetching this wee button & mailing it to me, from afar. I also need to thank her for directing me to this free chart from the blog, sub rosa. Thank you ,

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

August Stitching Progress.

I managed to complete and photograph another couple of TSS Blocks after finding the lead for downloading to my desktop.  It was hidden in full view, I just kept missing it.  :)

I redid this block with the original choice of fabrics,  I'm much happier with the finished piece.

 These two  below, are completions from a couple of weeks ago, a  TSS Bonus Block from earlier this year.

 This one is block #62 titled Hen and Chicken.


I have several in various stages of construction at the moment, which are in limbo, as I concentrate on two ornaments for exchanges. One for Halloween while the second is for a Christmas exchange.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Eye Candy.

A few weeks ago I placed 50 of my completed Splendid Sampler  blocks on our dining room table to see how the colours balance.  I do have 60 + blocks completed, several under way, several prepared  and placed in individual, small,  clear, bags, ready to construct.  We have a large table which can be increased to seat 20, however it does require the  heavy inserts to be lifted into place with another person, for that extended size.  I didn't do so as I was alone and 50 blocks filled the available space to be photographed.  I didn't realize I had moved this photo and a couple of others to my desktop. In the meantime,  I couldn't find the lead to download photos to my computer,  it is filed so carefully it is still  avoiding detection. :(

The other direction.

This is intended as a scrap quilt. I'm cautiously using the black background fabric, with the black  and white white stripe background fabric and the plain off white. I also planned on using other varied colours as back ground here and there, depending on what scrap fabric I have available. I feel that scraps don't seem to diminish, instead, they appear to have their own ability to multiply.

This one below is called Lina's Gift, from April last year. I'm slowly going through my files of half done blocks, getting them completed & moved from the "to do" list. I love the fabrics in this block and don't know why I left it so long to finish  the last side piece.

This one is Love Peace and Joy, from mid December last year. It too, had been waiting for the right time to be embroidered. As my very last embroidery block I kept it for a portable situation. I have loved stitching the embroidered blocks and was very sad when this one was done. My favourite patchwork is still applique, with embroidery ranking up there also, with that technique.

 I had the  one below prepared to this stage, when I placed the outer borders around the centre, it was almost a 12 " block. I knew it had to be trimmed down, even so, I was not happy with the fabrics. When I checked what I'd originally chosen, I knew that I had prepared the wrong pieces. It now looks how I had expected,  I need to find the lead for another update. Enjoy.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

ODW July Challenge.

The theme for this month's challenge was Birds, Bugs and Butterflies, yet to be made into an item.

I've been completing them early in the month,  then photographing them  and then, putting them away ready for show and  tell at the end of the month.  I'm thinking I need to get them made into the objects in mind at that time, as they are multiplying rapidly, or so it seems, this year. :)

I'm continuing to complete blocks from The Splendid Sampler project at the same time, trying to keep up with those blocks which I did not manage last year.  These below are the current finishes to add to my collection.

This block is titled, Bee Happy.

This one is Scrappy Happy Heart

The third one for now, is titled Starting Point.

I've completed 60 blocks and 10 bonus blocks from the  approximately 
120 blocks in the project, so still a few to be done. A progress photo next time.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Parcel Received.

This time I remembered to photograph the gift before it went in the post, the neck scarf was received earlier in the week.  It is knitted with a yarn called 'Circus,' the Pom Poms were part of the yarn. They were sometimes difficult to include in the stitch, however, worked in well over the entire item. I was rather pleased with the outcome.

I've been working on a TSS block today titled" Bee Happy." It is almost finished so a photo of the block, later in the week.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

TSS Progress, This Week.

It is a wet, windy, freezing, Saturday in my neck of the woods. We have had severe weather warnings, mostly for wind. It is blasting in from the South, whipping up the waves along the coast road, in some places barreling the sea over the new wall.  I've had a pleasant trip to a local patchwork store, where it was so cosy, out of the weather. The staff are friendly & ever so eager to help with  enquiries, sales  & helpful suggestions for stock they do not have available.  I needed another packet of flat pins as my container of such, may have fallen in the bin & gone to the tip. I also wanted to replenish a fat quarter of a lovely pastel purple & white stripe fabric. I would never have thought I'd use the first fat quarter, let alone need more. It is really a beautiful quality fabric.  I used the first fat quarter in a couple of TSS blocks & also to line a fabric Ort container yet to be  finished & .photographed. I also required a fat quarter of newspaper print fabric, seeing the previous piece is  currently in hiding.  So all three items have traveled home to live with my stash.

So far this week I've manged to complete three TSS blocks. This one is titled,

"A Spool of Inspirational Thread." A first attempt at Foundation Paper Piecing. I do like the process, so the third block below, is also constructed with that method.

The second one is called, "Dreaming of Dresden."

Last, & definitely not least is, "Homeward Bound."

There are a few more underway at the moment, hopefully they will be completed for the next post.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Patchwork Progress.

 I've been busy re- doing  TSS blocks from early last year, when the journey started. Some I'd attempted  a few times, with the hand piecing method I'd learnt, a few decades ago. I just couldn't get them right, so filed them in the "to do," folder. Last week, I decided it was time to get them completed & miraculously, this time, they went together at the first attempt without a hitch. So here are the four blocks.

The second series of The Splendid Sampler started recently so I have been trying to follow along.   This time, I'm trying to complete the specified blocks for each week, that I did not manage to do, the first time around. Here is last week's block, which I very much  enjoyed planning the fabrics & putting together. This block is called Circle of Friendship.

I've already chosen & cut out my fabrics for this week's block,called "Homeward Bound,"
 then I will return to more of those still waiting  in the to do folder. Enjoy, K.

Friday, June 30, 2017

June Stitching & ODW

June has been a busy month for stitching, I've  managed to complete three items and start another couple.  The theme for June for the ODW was "Celebration."  One could stitch anything  that one celebrated.  A birthday, a symbol for a birthday,as in your month,  flower,  stone, or anything that you celebrate, what so ever.  June is a birthday celebration month for our family, so this small cross stitch piece  was my first choice. It is a freebie from La-D-Da-, yet to be made into a small item.

                 I also made a cushion cover to include in this themed stitch, celebrating music.

                                           A close up of a William Shakespeare quote.

         The fabric has been in my collection for some time so it seemed perfect for this project.

           I also completed a Splendid Sampler block titled "Love." There is much to celebrate in this block.  Music, colour,  patchwork & a rose all very worthwhile celebratory themes.
 Enjoy. Kay.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Comfort Sewing

I completed a large cushion cover  this week. I rescued the fabric, on it's way to the tip. The fabric was an off cut from a parcel of decorating fabrics, a friend no longer wanted. It has been awaiting attention, for some time. It is a rather rich type of fabric, so perhaps I need to find an equally rich, complimentary,  brocade or even a velvet, to keep it company. More thought needed on that possibility. Back to another cover under progress. Enjoy.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Same Projecr Although a Different Colourway Block.

Another completion for The Splendid Sampler quilt,, this time  very different coloured fabric scraps.
When embarking on a scrap quilt, one thinks one's fabric collection will be somewhat diminished, It is amazing how little fabric one uses in such an endeavour. Here is the latest block

I'm working on preparations for a cushion cover or maybe two, before returning to my Splendid Sampler blocks. A little variety in the meantime.  Enjoy.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

A New 2017 TSS Bonus Block.

This is a new bonus block for the 2017 start, of The Splendid Sampler II. It is a continuing adventure for me, I'm keen to get the unfinished quilt blocks from TSS 1, done & together. I thought I'd do a QAYG (quilt as you go). However, I wanted to get a little on with the project to see what sort of fabric & setting would suit the the quilt, for finishing. At half way, I've left the QAYG a tad late, more contemplation needed on that.This is the bonus block "The Buds of May," by Jane Davidson. I did alter the leaf placement a tad. Enjoy.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Three More Splendid Sampler Blocks.

Three more blocks ticked off the "to do" list from my The Splendid Sampler project. That puts me at about half way or just over, thankfully  inspiring one to keep going at the present pace.

 The blocks are in no particular order.  Some have been prepared since they were released, other are done as  I chose. Perhaps I will follow the second version group as they progress this year. More inspiration to keep on with this wonderful adventure.

 This wee purse block is ever so cute,  it does needs to have the background  trimmed to size.

 Both of the two blocks above used scraps from two previous quilts, a Baltimore & a hexagon quilt, from some years ago

 The block below is made using three fabrics from my late Mother's collection. They are,. the black with white pin spot, the purple floral & plain deep purple. The green, along with the mustard & white spot, from my own collection. One doesn't realize, how little one uses when trying to de-stash.


ODW May Challenge & Other Completions. .

The One Day Wonder Challenge for May was to stitch something on a band. Although I have a collection of band fabrics , I could not locate  them, so I improvised. Below is what I did incorporating the challenge into a Splendid Sampler block.

I was very pleased with my choice & it was finished long before show & tell time. 

I've managed to complete several other items , some are gifts, like the bag & mobile phone case

I also knitted a caramel, grey & brown scarf,  however  I forgot to  photograph that  gift.  There are  three  more TSS blocks completed although those too, need to be photographed.Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A Significant Completion.

 Another completion from The Splendid Sample, which for me, is also a tribute to a Very Dear Aunt.

Satin stitch embroidery has not been something I have done in probably, a couple of decades..I had a very good reason to check that I could still do this stitch. Although simple, it does need to be even and well placed within the designated outline.  . While we were visiting home last year, a  dear Aunt, gave me one of her unfinished embroidered table cloths. .My Aunt recalled, as a very small child the design had been of particular fascination for me This being the very reason she wanted me to have this piece of her work to complete,  along with my delight in this kind of needlework.

Over the many moons since that time, I had the forgotten  the cloth.. When my Aunt produced the item I immediately remembered the design.  I looked at it recently & wondered however I would be able to produce such beautiful Satin stitches, to compliment  the exquisite stitching already on the table cloth, by my Aunt.  I feel a tad more confident having completed this particular block consisting of much Satin stitch, along with a patchwork border.

The significant part is that today,  May 23rd, 2017 in the Southern Hemisphere, my  very dear Aunt is celebrating her 90th birthday. I finished the embroidery last night & the patchwork borders  were attached to complete the block, this morning. I've been blessed to have seven  aunts, four of  my late, very dear Mother's, sisters & a SIL, along with two sisters of my late Father. I'm very lucky to still have my Mother's two younger sisters.

This block below #20, from the online adventure called,  "The Splendid Sampler."  by Pat Sloan & Jane Davidson.  A wonderful quilting, stitching & learning adventure from last year, which is about to start again in a few days. Details, photographs, participants,  sign ups, along  with the  Wonderful Splendid Sampler  book,  can be found here,


Monday, May 22, 2017

Completed Patchwork Blocks.

                  These  blocks are recent completions from "The Splendid Sampler" quilt project.

 The embroidery has provided many relaxing hours over the last couple of months. I've enjoyed catching up on these, with colour choices, to match the existing blocks from  the quilt.

 An Hawiian style block

and one more for now. This one to make me both proud & Homesick


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

ODW Challenge.

This is the One Day Challenge, only for this purpose, it is a challenge to be done in a one month period. For the month of April, the theme was,
" Something that reminded you of April or, seeing Easter fell in April this year, an Easter theme."

I planned to do a small cross stitch piece, which had been in my stash for about 10 years. I had made a working copy, done the grid work on the linen & chosen some of the threads. Somewhere in those ten years, the preparation was separated from the chart. I couldn't find the chart nor remember the name of the designer, what the coloured chart looked like  or, who/where the chart came from .  Lesson here, is to make a note when you purchase a chart & keep the details in a secure spot. Needless to say I abandoned that project, yet again. Let's hope the chart turns up sometime soon, as in a previous situation, with another chart & threads..

My stitched piece for this occasion is another of my blocks from The Splendid Sampler, quilt project from Pat Sloan &amp Jane Davidson, a fellow Australian. This is a wonderful online quilting escapade, which lasted one year, from  February 2016 to February this year, for participants who joined for the first round of this  project. The project is continuing for the next round, a slightly different format with the release of  The Splendid Sampler Book.
Here is my  wee block project for April.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Quilting & patchwork of late have taken a back seat. Cross stitch & sewing, those too, have been almost non existent. I do miss plying a needle,  even one on a sewing machine.
 For me it is a relaxing happy time, it is a great interest,  also therapy for things on life's  journey, that go out of kilter.  It allows contemplative time to soar above the unavoidable, insignificant, swill,  that  occasionally chooses to intrude, on one's perfectly happy life. I'm ever grateful for my creative pursuits & always thankful, that  my sublime  pastimes,  along with many other joys  & aspects of life, lift my spirits high above the dwellers of the abyss.

Friday, March 31, 2017

ODW for March.

The One Day Wonder challenge for March was Tea, Coffee & or, Cake.
I chose this pattern called Afternoon Tea, I felt that covered the topic well.
This is a freebie from the blog,  happinessiscrossstitching


Thursday, March 2, 2017

ODW Challenge Piece from Another Member

I'm posting this picture for Lesley, who was having trouble posting her stitched piece photograph.
It is a freebie from The Work Basket, a sweet Quaker style design. Enjoy! Great piece Lesley.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February ODW Item.

Not much blogging for me of late, however I do have a small, freebie, stitched piece, for the One Day Wonder Challenge. Needless to say it is not necessary that the stitched piece is completed in one day, only for the particular month. Mine says a great deal for me, although I do love the city where we reside at the present time. Here is mine. I can't find the chart right now, maybe it has gone in the shredder. I think it was from 'The Little Stitcher."