Sunday, December 10, 2017

Christmas Ornaments Received.

I've neglected to post the photos of my Christmas ornaments, from my exchange partner for this years' exchange.

I was blessed for 12 or so years to belong to this exchange, luckily I was  the organizers' partner for this year.
Sadly she has decided, that 14 years of organizing this event, has been enough for her. Thank you Sue & well done. You have brought many folk together, encouraged us to exchange our work with others around the world & brought the Christmas Spirit to me, at an early stage for longer enjoyment. Your efforts are well & truly appreciated. Thankfully someone else has picked up the mantle, so, it will continue.  Here are mine  from Sue, for this year. Two beautiful ornaments to adorn my ornament tree.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Warm Summer Days.

We have been experiencing very hot and humid days over the last couple of weeks.  The best part, for me is,  that there are cool breezes during the bright sunshine, along with cooler nights, perfect for sleep. The city is very dry & I heard this morning we are into the emergency water supply.
Hopefully rain will deliver us from further restrictions.

I've managed to complete three partially done TSS blocks in the last week. My hand quilting schedule is not happening.

This one is block #12, titled Checkerboard I'm not sure if I will use it as it is or, do another take on this design.

 The second one is Block #56 "At home Anywhere" this is my own design & interpretation for this pattern. You can tell where I feel at home.

The third one is #40 Flights of Friendship. Enjoy.

Friday, December 1, 2017

ODW November Challenge.

The theme for this month was travel.  A great theme for ones' imagination  to run riot.
 I chose a method of travel. It is certainly nothing conventional for 2017, also something I have never tried. This piece was completed very early in the month & photographed without being pressed. It does need to be made into an item, yet to be decided. Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Re-doing a Couple of Splendid Sampler Blocks.

I had been contemplating a different fabric choices for a couple of blocks I completed some time ago. Each time I looked at the blocks I knew I was not happy with the way they looked. I've now redone the parts I wasn't happy with and
also made a different applique piece  for the clover block, as I couldn't find the original one. When I find the original one, I'll have two different versions of that block, when the quilt goes together.

So firstly, from this as it was, with a special stripe from some fabric of my late Mothers' that was not cotton, I know she would understand,

to this cotton ticking stripe of sturdier fabric.

 The second block, from this

                                                                             to this.         

The second clover block, this one is applique, while the original is a pieced block.


October ODW and other October Stitching.

 Image result for free blog backgrounds for Halloween & how to get them

The theme for the month of October was Halloween or, anything that you can relate to, for October in the Southern or Northern Hemisphere. Spring for us in the Southern hemisphere while Autumn is at play in the Northern Hemisphere.

After much ado with the camera I've only one of the photos of  two pieces I specifically stitched for the ODW for this month.

This is the second

I did manage to stitch duplicates, for my own collection, of my Halloween exchange pieces. A different colourway for the 'chic witch' stitching, I was not concentrating and had done a few letters before I realized I was using the wrong colour.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Halloween Ornaments Arrived to My Partner.

             These are the two ornaments I stitched for Theresa, for the 2017 Halloween exchange, and here is what Theresa said.

Guess what came today...  Some lovely ornaments and adorable buttons from my friend Kay.

I love them.  I had to look twice to see what you were talking about.  .

How in the world did you do those labels though makes me remember I probably didn't even sign mine. --oops.

Thanks again!


                            The first is a freebie from La Comtesse and La Point De Croix on 32ct,  Linen           with DMC Threads.

                        The second is a freebie from Loretta Oliver - Stitching the Night Away, on hand dyed Opalescent 32 Belfast Linen with DMC Threads.

So I'm all done for both exchanges this year. As always, great exchanges and  loads of fun participating.  Thank you to those who do the organizing, I admire your dedication.
Back to my stitching "to do" list, which is one of each of those for me. Kay.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Christmas Ornament Exchange

I received two very pretty ornaments from my 2017 exchange partner. The camera is flat so will post the photo as soon as it is charged. I was so thrilled when they arrived.  Life had taken over for me and mine had not been sent by that time. It is a wee while until Christmas, so I decided to keep them where I can see and enjoy them for extra time, before Christmas.
My exchange partner has received my ornament, so I can show it now, Thank you Sue for your very kind comments.
Wow the ornament arrived!

HI Kay
Your amazing ornament arrived today..
I just love it 
You do such amazing cross stitch and I love your back too

thanks for being my partner
p.s  love the needle threaders too... always need those 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Ornament Front Reveal.

Below is the front of the ornament I stitched for  Karen, my partner for the 2017

Halloween exchange, under the circumstances, I can retain it for myself.

Friday, October 6, 2017

A Very Different Halloween Ornament Exchange for 2017. :).

I stitched the ornament for my exchange partner a couple of weeks ago. Last week I received a parcel from a generous stitcher who was not my partner, however, she also had my name as her partner. I had no idea that I was her partner.  Confused? Yes, we two were.  I tried to clarify the situation with both my original partner and the organizer. It was further confusion  after I emailed partner #1, a week ago, I am still waiting for  a reply. :)  One can only surmise partner # 1 withdrew from the exchange  and I wasn't notified. Luckily I had not mailed out her parcel, however, my ornaments are personalised and they can't be re-gifted without pulling them apart, as you can see by the reverse side of that ornament, below.

I included a piece of hand dyed, Belfast, opalescent fabric and a couple of other small items not shown.

Now below,  are the two wonderful ornaments I received from partner #2 Theresa.

Can you see the clever hair, it is three dimensional  and so pretty. It reminded me of a small quilt I made some years ago, with dimensional hair on two of the wee dolls featured on that piece.

Theresa generously included a small zippered pouch and three packets of fabulous, Halloween coloured threads. Something greatly appreciated as they are very hard to locate where I live.  Thank you so much Theresa,  for  a wonderful Halloween exchange.

 I managed to get two different ornaments ready to mail to Theresa today. The ornaments chosen will be revealed when I hear, that they have arrived. Meanwhile these are the reverse sides of both ornaments. Enjoy.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

September ODW

The theme for this month,  from Bronwyn, was Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows.
He is my take from that, a lollipop. I managed to complete the stitching on a small scrap of  raw Belfast linen.  I used a DMC variegated thread for the  lollipop stitching.

  A completed finish was planned however this month, life happened while I made other plans.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Cross Stitch & Patchwork Prep'

After gridding a large piece pf cream Belfast 32 count  linen for a planned project, I decided 2.5 inches around the edge of the design,  was a tad lean.  I started to remove the gridding and decided
at least it is part prepared for another  project.

Other preparation, this one for a TSS block with half square triangles, stitched, ready to be cut.

                                                  Cut and  trimmed ready for construction.

                                           Now to construct this into another six inch block.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

One Day Wonder August Challenge.

This month it was my turn to chose the theme for the ODW challenge.  The choice was to stitch something from any childhood story book or, nursery rhyme. I felt that gave an extremely wide choice for those participating. This is my August ODW piece.  It is the Queen of Hearts, from Lewis Carroll's,  "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." Of course folk, who know the story, will remember  her as a vile  tempered monarch, who dispensed the death penalty for the least innocuous offence. Thus she was referred to as, "The Black Hearted Queen." Enjoy, K.

Oh! I'm glad this post is sitting in my drafts. I've just looked at this photograph and realized this is from earlier in the month, when I completed the stitching.   I've been looking for just the right fabric to complete this into a small pillow.  Needless to say, I haven't found the fabric to suit. 
Here are  the updated photos, still not made into the aforementioned pillow.

 I do need to thank another very kind stitcher for fetching this wee button & mailing it to me, from afar. I also need to thank her for directing me to this free chart from the blog, sub rosa. Thank you ,